Years of comfort guaranteed

Furniture by Nouvion does not just add style to your house, but quality as well. Our sustainable materials and careful finishing ensure that you can enjoy our products for years to come. Did you know you can contribute to your furniture’s durability as well?

How to keep your furniture beautiful
We recommend that our furniture not be placed too close to a heat source for too long, nor in direct sunlight. This will cause even the best quality wood, leather or fabric to discolour. Please be careful with fluids and sharp objects as well, such as the nails of pets, or shoes and buckles. As you know, these can damage your furniture.

The right protection and cleaning
It is sensible to periodically maintain the woods, leathers and fabrics. Use special cleaning and protection products for this maintenance, developed especially for your material. One type of leather is not like the other, and that also applies to our woods and fabrics. For our furniture, we recommend the maintenance products by LCK.