Configure your own table

Your favorite table in a few steps
When it comes to our tables, you have the final say!
Design the most perfect table for you.

Choose your table top and frame

Straight or round corners, rounded sides or an organic edge. Your wooden table top can be finished in various ways.
Scroll down for an overview of all tabletops and frames.

Choose the size

A table for four or ten people? You choose the dimensions of your table.
Dimensions are in cm.

Choose the type of wood and finish

The type of wood and finish give your table its unique appearance. Choose from oak or nut and for a finish of oil or a lacquer in ten different shades. If you put your dining table to intensive use, but want to keep it clean & tidy, then the innovative Fenix material is an excellent choice.

Wordt uw eettafel intensief gebruikt, maar wilt u deze vrij houden van gebruikssporen? Kies dan voor een Fenix tafelblad. You can choose between 6 colors.

Oak and Walnut woodswatches

Fenix woodswatches


Finish with epoxy

Extension leaves

Knots give your wooden table a natural look. Prefer a smooth finish? This is possible with our epoxy filling in different colours.

Having large company? With the extension-leaf option you can effortlessly extend your table with half a meter per side.


1. Table top straight

2. Table top organic

4. Table top straight and tapered

5. Table top straight with round corners

6. Table top round corners with rounded sides

7. Table top straight tapered with round corners

1. Table top oval straight

4. Table top straight and tapered

1. Fenix table top straight

4. Fenix table top straight and tappered

7. Fenix table top straight tapered with round corners