Combine and create your unique chair or bench

Model, material and colour, combine and select from thousands of options! Our many different types of fabric are available in over 130 colours. The types of leather are available in numerous different shades. With this, you can design a unique chair or bench for your open-plan kitchen or dining room.
Naturally, proper care and maintenance contribute to the durability of our furniture. Therefore, we recommend the specialist maintenance products by LCK.

Leather: a product with character

If you decide on leather, you’re choosing a product with character. Its natural origins ensure every piece of furniture will be unique. Some types are soft, others a bit more sturdy. You might still see some folds, insect bites or traces of thorns and horns. Every one of our leathers is marked by its own characteristics.

This South American cow leather is dyed with opaque pigment dye after the tanning and sanding process. This ensures the leather looks uniform, with most of the results of natural damage, such as scars, hidden away.

Bold, this type of leather comes from exotic cattle. Characteristic scars and insect bites are still very visible. Thanks to the open fibre structure, the character and colour could show a different effect during the manufacturing process.

A rich leather which looks increasingly and beautifully lived with every year of use. The buffalo skins are tanned, barrel-dyed, corrected, finished and finally, manually polished. Due to the open fibre structure, absorption of the dyes can differ per piece of skin. Some parts can turn out somewhat rougher or lighter than others.

This leather, made of the skins of exotic water buffalos, has an open fibre structure. Due to this, shade differences and grain deviations can occur during the manufacturing process. The leather gains its distinctive character thanks to this and the paraffin, oil and transparent dye finish.

This European cow leather will lend your open-plan kitchen or dining room a natural air. Veins, insect bites and differences in hue are still clearly visible in the leather. This is caused by the fact that the leather isn’t sanded before it is finished with wax, oil and transparent dye.

High-quality fabrics in every colour

From silky-soft velvet to original tweed. Our chairs and benches can be upholstered in many different quality fabrics. And in your favourite colour, too. You can select from 130 shades and can combine them as well. A set of totally different dining chairs? Or a bench with several colour hues? It’s your decision.