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bench - wireframe - smooth

Are you looking for a little more space at the dining table? Then bench Jimmy is an excellent choice. With the long, clean lines of bench Jimmy you accentuate the length of your dining table and even of the entire room. With its carre-stitched pattern in the back, sofa Jimmy is reminiscent of the classic Chesterfield sofa you used to find in many living rooms, but with a modern twist. Its comfortable backrest invites you to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal or a good book. In addition to square stitching or pleating, it can also be delivered smoothly upholstered.

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50 cm


44 cm


143,1 | 163,1 | 183,1 cm


56 cm




161 | 181 | 201 cm

87 cm

58 cm

Shown: upholstery: quilting, Cordoba Forest (Cat. 2), base: Wireframe in black steel.

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dining room sofa

A smart solution for every dining room is the dining table bench. A dining table bench is more popular than ever and a playful solution for every dining room! Perfect for making optimal use of the space in your interior and for hours after dinner. In addition, a sofa provides a calm appearance because a sofa consists of one element instead of two, three or four as with chairs.

And let's face it, there is nothing more fun than extra table guests. Take a seat on the couch and just put a plate next to it. 

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There are many different types of dining room chairs. With or without armrest, wooden or metal leg, leather or fabric upholstery, the possibilities are almost endless. In addition to the fact that a dining room chair must look stylish, quality and comfort remain the most important aspects. Whether you are going to have a lovely long evening dining with friends/family or having a valuable conversation over a good glass of wine, you will enjoy these moments that matter even more on a comfortable dining room chair!

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