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Use the right care products 

A pen mark on your leather chair, coffee or tea? Don't worry, with the right care product and a bit of patience many stains will simply disappear! On this page you will find useful tips & tricks and the best way to deal with stains.

10 basics

There are many different types of stains, and they are all different. There are small or large stains, grease or colour stains, stains caused by medicine, scratches or sometimes even bald spots. Each stain has a different cause and therefore needs to be treated in its own way. It sounds complicated but fortunately there are 10 basic rules which apply to all types of stains!

grease stains in leather

Whatever you do, stay calm. Consider what kind of stain it is, and what you can do (basic rules) to limit the damage initially. Grease stains in, for example, full aniline, saddle and vintage leather will go away over time. Follow basic rules 3 & 4 and then look at the stain. If you see colour in the stain (example: mustard = grease stain + colour transfer) then you want to remove the colour transfer as soon as possible. A grease stain does not need to be treated initially. The above-mentioned leather types have the property of absorbing small grease stains into the leather. Take your camera and take a picture of the stain. Then wait a week, and take another photo in the same way (same spot, same angle, same light) and compare them. Do this every week. You will see that over time the grease spot becomes less and less visible and may eventually disappear completely. Is the stain not visibly decreasing? Then send a photo to LCK Nederland.



Can't work it out and need help?

Are you unsure about the origin of a stain, or do you get stuck during cleaning? Then don't hesitate to contact us. LCK Nederland views countless photos of stains and damage on a daily basis and can give you professional advice.

Please send a number of photos by mail to LCK Nederland with as much relevant information as possible:

  • Please send a number of photos by mail to LCK Nederland with as much relevant information as possible:

  • type of leather or fabric (+colour or colour number), manufacturer Nouvion,

  • cause of the stain,

  • how long the stain has been there (approximately),

  • have you already cleaned the stain, and if so, with what products,

  • photos: 1 overview photo of the sofa or armchair, 1-2 detail photos (sharp and close up) of the stain or soiling. 


Please try to provide LCK with as much information as possible in order to give accurate advice. Not all information at hand? It doesn't matter, we will try to help you as much as possible. Try to complete as much information as possible and take some sharp pictures. Each stain is different, which is why each stain is treated separately. LCK Nederland will look at the photos and in consultation with the experts will draw up a treatment plan for you. Free of obligation and completely without charge! So if in doubt, don't hesitate to send in a photo. Prevention is ultimately better than cure.

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