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Cafe Giula, Bar bistro

along the Utrecht canals

The experience of the interior in Cafe Giula has a timeless luxury with elegant finishes and elements. With, among others, our wonderful armchair Pablo, you will enjoy a wonderful experience in which you can stay for hours.


design brendan bakker

With a personal approach and over 15 years of experience in architecture & interior design, Design Brendan Bakker combines design, construction and furnishing in one identity. This means that in addition to the design work, we also take care of the realization and furnishing in its entirety. A total solution from first sketch to completion.

Brendan Bakker is a Dutch-Irish Architect who connects interior with architecture. His designs have a signature of timeless luxury, comfort and high personality. With his inside-out approach, functionality, aesthetics and identity are balanced. As a result, each design has its own story and each project is unique.

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