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The industrial style is very trendy at the moment. It is a style that you can really give your own twist because it uses both straight and round lines. What you see a lot are the industrial wooden tables with a thicker top. A nice combination is a somewhat coarser leg with a tough steel look. A chair with leather look or a gray / green tint completes the picture.

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As many open spaces as possible, just like in the factories that the industrial style is based on, are the basis. Furthermore, this style is very laid back and you can easily adapt it to your own taste.

In terms of styling, the industrial style mainly uses chunkier items. As mentioned earlier, there are tables with thick tops and robust steel legs, but also think of robust wall shelves, sofas and chairs. These larger pieces of furniture may then have some space, so that they stand out well.

Style the space with vintage items from old factories to give it an extra industrial touch.

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